The objectives of this project are:
  • enhance the reading poetry, drama and classics habit
  • create awareness of poetry/drama and classics are part of modern life
  • provide educational success and work career and lifelong learning
  • learn critical thinking – develop problem solving/ decision making
  • gain social and global competence and respect
  • gain self-esteem
  • support character development
  • put forward innovative and creative ideas with qualified activities
  • integrate 21st Century web2.0 tools into everyday classes
  • create an area for students to use technology for knowledge
  • improve language skills
  • realise cultural differences and accept them as they are
  • understand the importance of Intercultural learning
  • observe and compare the EU dimension of the project with their own
  • understand the importance of group work with effective communication and collaboration
  • break students’ prejudice towards school with the activities that they will begin to think that school is a place which brings real life to the classes
All in all, we aim to open new windows for students and teachers to broaden their minds through poetry, drama and classics . They will learn more about past comparing with present to think about future analysing the point of view of very important literary figures from the World Literature. So they will learn critical thinking and develop new ideas.