Here you will find interactive activities, word games, poem coding, chat bots, and other activities created for this project Activities in progress: Turkish school They have chosen the best project logo. You can see other photos in twinspace
  1. 9th grades with their families are reading “Lord Of The Flies”. (We will do this activity in 3 steps) 1-We organise reading hours in the school library every Monday and they are going on reading at home after school 2-We will organise debating among students choosing a topic fromb” The Lord Of The Flies” on 29 th of December 3-We will organise A Quiz Show (A student will participate in with his or her family) The school will reward the winner family.
  2. -10th grades are reading different classic novels choosing from the classic lists in their class .(4 Students as a group are reading the same classic)They will present their review, character analyzing,the life of the author and their view about the work on 2nd of January.
  3. -They have started to write poems for the poetry book and the poetry contest.( You know writing poem takes a long time)
  4. -They are preparing for the Oratory activity in Italy.